The story of Pinena

Pine bark extract since 1975

From the very beginning, we have manufactured our high-quality products in their place of origin, at the Koski forest farm in Siikainen - responsibly from the bark and bark of the strong pine trees of Satakunta's forests. 

Health products from folklore

Almost 50 years ago, our founders Kari and Tuija Herttua started to produce the first pine bark extract drinks using a method developed from folklore for wider production. At the same Koski forest farm in Siikainen, northern Satakunta, we continue to produce high-quality pure products, now in the second generation.

We are a responsible family business dedicated to producing certified organic pine bark extract - the only one of its kind. We have full control of the chain from the forest to our new production facility, allowing us to deliver speed and quality. Our rapid and harmonious process ensures the preservation of the bioactive ingredients in the raw material.

Almost 50-year-old family business in Satakunta

The company behind Pinena is Ravintorengas Oy, which continues to manufacture the products in their place of origin in Siikainen, Koski forest farm in northern Satakunta.

Our mission

... is to help people rediscover the health benefits of forests.

Our vision

... is to be an enabler for a healthier life: health promotion and disease prevention is the way of the future.

Our website

... people are always at the centre: our work starts with the users of our products.

Respecting the forest: organic and responsible production

Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts, and it is already reflected in the choice of raw materials. We do not source our wood as by-products of the sawmill industry, but have our own organic supply chain. The entire raw material chain is carefully controlled, and we know exactly where each batch of wood comes from.

The story of our pine bark extract begins when our trusted forester collects our raw material - the bark and phloem of young organic pine trees - from the organic forests of northern Satakunta. Each tree is individually selected for food use and the wood is treated as food from the start. In addition to the bark extract, every tree collected is used in its entirety, either as a building material or as bioenergy. No tree is felled for the sole purpose of extracting the wood.

Our chain of collecting the raw material is also fully certified organic. Thanks to our craftsmanship and know-how, we are able to produce more finished pine bark extract from raw material than our competitors.

It is important for us to respect craftsmanship to ensure a quality end result. We do not use chemical solvents or add any additional substances to the products. Our secret pine bark recipe is based on knowledge handed down from folk healers, which we have respected from the beginning.

Our pure secret recipe is the key to success

Pinena's secret recipe has remained unchanged - a combination of nature's purest ingredients from the Finnish forest and fresh local spring water. Our products are 100% natural, without additives or chemicals.

Health products with expertise directly from organic forests

Our knowledge of the secrets of the Finnish pine forest is reflected in the health products we have been making for decades. We are experts in organic forests, and our work draws on the knowledge and experience of generations.

Get to know people from Pinena

Sanna Herttua-Laiho

Sanna's parents Kari and Tuija Herttua founded the company back in 1975. In 2019, the family business underwent a generational change and Sanna took over the reins.

Sanna tells us about Kari’s Pine Bark extract drink

Sanna Herttua-Laiho, entrepreneur and CEO of Ravintorengas Oy, a manufacturer of pinena products, tells about the history and production of Kari's Havupuu extract drink in an interview with TerveysSummit. What is pine bark extract all about? Watch Sanna's interview on our YouTube channel.

Finnish folk healers' traditional knowledge at its best.

We take pride in the work we do and it is important to us to be a motivating, happy and welcoming workplace.