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Generations of knowledge packed into Pinena® Organic Pine Bark Extract

Excellence in pine bark extract since 1975

Over 40 years ago, our founders Kari and Tuija Herttua embarked on a journey to discover the ancient wisdom of Nordic healers and shamans. From these age-old secrets, Pinena products have emerged as powerful remedies at our Koski forest farm in Siikainen, on the west coast of Finland.

Pinenan historia jo vuodesta 1975

Cherishing the forest: organic and sustainable production

At our core, we hold a profound respect for nature, cherishing the pristine forests that surround us. Our mission is simple yet profound: safeguard these woodlands in their natural splendor for generations to come.

Our commitment to sustainability begins at the source. Unlike traditional forestry, we prioritize pine bark as our primary product, not a byproduct. Handpicking raw materials from sustainable, organic Finnish forests, we leave no trace, respecting the clean forests and preserving their legacy.

Locally with family and friends

As a second-generation family business, we take pride in the fact that our products are still crafted right here in Siikainen, on our beloved Koski forest farm.

We take great satisfaction in knowing our product inside out, right down to the specific trees used for each batch. Our network of local farmers, our friends, ensures this.

Our pure secret recipe is the key to success

Pinena’s secret recipe remains unchanged—a fusion of nature’s purest Nordic forest ingredients and fresh spring water. Our products are 100% natural, void of preservatives or chemicals. Recognized twice as Natural Remedy of the Year, Pinena’s enduring success lies in this untouched recipe, a tribute to nature’s finest in every Pinena creation.

Modern sustainable family business

Today we’re a modern sustainable family business, dedicated to producing the sole certified organic artic pine bark extract. From forest to our extract production plant, we maintain control over the entire chain, ensuring speed and quality. Our swift and harmonious process preserves the bioactive substances within the raw material’s core. Discover the excellence of our dried organic pine bark extract powder – sourced from the clean forests of the north.

Pine bark: the hidden gem of the forests

Pine bark has a long history as a natural remedy, celebrated by ancient Nordic shamans and healers. Modern science has confirmed its remarkable health benefits through numerous studies.

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Founded in 1975, second generation family business.


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