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We are proud to be one of the main partners in organising Finland's biggest health event, TerveysSummittia, on 20-26 May. Watch the day's health expert interviews online, completely free of charge: https://terveyssummit.fi/ohjelma/

Wed 22.5. Entrepreneur Sanna Herttua-Laiho "Karin Havupuu-uutejuoma: the story and new face of a 50-year-old legend"

In an interview, our second-generation entrepreneur Sanna opens the curtains on the history of Ravintorenka from the days of her parents Kari and Tuija Herttua and the challenges over the years that have never been shared before! Sanna also talks about her own journey at Ravintorenka and how the life-changing experiences our customers have had with our products continue to inspire her every day at work. The interview also showcases the development of the new cardboard packaging for Kari's Havupuu extract drink.

The interview is available on the HealthSummit website free of charge for 24h on Wednesday 22.5. from 9am. A link to the interview can be found on this page at the time of publication or by subscribing to the Pinena newsletter (form at the bottom of the page).

Thu 23.5. Nutritionist Leeni Viio "Tips for healthy eating and nutrition for children"

In this interview, nutritionist Leeni discusses children's health and healthy eating for the whole family. Children's ailments and illnesses affect the whole family and change for the better starts with the example of parents. In Leeni's own daily life, the health of her children and the whole family's gut, skin and immune system is supported by the Karin Havupuu extract drink. 

The interview will be available for free on the HealthSummit website for 24 hours from 9am on Thursday 23 May. A link to the interview can be found on this page at the time of publication or by subscribing to the Pinena newsletter (form at the bottom of the page). 

Winning product: the only one in Finland to win three health product awards already

NEW, more environmentally friendly PACKAGING FOR KARIN HAVUPUU-UUTEJUOMA

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Kari’s Pine Bark extract drink 12-pack

Organic certified, tested and award-winning domestic winner, made with the same recipe for almost 50 years. Kari’s Pine Bark extract drink is made from pure spring water and the bark and sap of young pine trees. Packed in a new 0.5 litre conifer tin, 12 Kari’s Pine Bark extract drinks.

Jaakko Halmetoja's thoughts on Karin's Havupuu extract drink

Jaakko Halmetoja shares his own experiences and views on Karin Havu softwood extract. Healers have known about the health benefits of pine since time immemorial.

In the video, Jaakko delves deeper into the topics of how the antioxidants in Kari's Conifer extract drink promote health and calm inflammation in the body, among other things. What does the red colour of Karin Havupuu extract drink tell us? What are the factors that go into the making of this forest elixir?