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The power of the forest in an easy-to-enjoy form

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Kari’s Pine Bark extract drink 12-pack

Organic certified, tested and award-winning domestic winner, made with the same recipe for almost 50 years. Kari’s Pine Bark extract drink is made from pure spring water and the bark and sap of young pine trees. Packed in a new 0.5 litre conifer tin, 12 Kari’s Pine Bark extract drinks.

Pinena® Stimulate

Pinena Stimulate is a product that promotes sexual health and endocrine function and improves performance and stress tolerance. It contains Pinena pine bark extract, Panax ginseng and PrimaVie® Shilajit extract.

Pinena® Immune

Strong Pinena Immune capsule contains a whopping 250 milligrams of 100% Finnish organic pine bark extract and vitamins C and E.

Pinena® organic pine bark extract

The elemental power of nature squeezed into a tablet. Pinena organic pine bark extract is made from the bark and bark of strong pine trees in the forests of Satakunta. Our pine bark extract is the only organic and quality certified pine bark extract on the market.