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Pinena is the strongest and only certified organic pine bark extract on the market

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Pinena knows organic forests and pines

It all started with the ancient knowledge of northern healers, which we set out almost 50 years ago to pass on to posterity. Our secret recipe has remained unchanged - Pinena is based on the purest ingredients of northern nature. Our high quality products are still made in their birthplace, on the Koski forest farm in Siikainen, from the bark and bark of the strong pine trees of the forests of Satakunta.

High-quality health products from organic pine bark extract

Pinena organic pine bark extract is a 100% Finnish extract made from pine bark and sap, produced with a standardised recipe and manufactured in Siikkainena since 1975. The traceable raw materials come from respectfully managed local forests, and sustainability and craftsmanship are present at every stage of the manufacturing process. The raw material is collected only from the bark and navel of young, vigorous organic pine trees and is of the highest purity and quality. Pinena is the only organic and quality certified pine bark extract on the market